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Schedule: June 24, 2023 10:00 am
Location: 257 Broadway Darien Center NY 14040   (Map It!)
Phone: 585-708-4386
Information and/or Registration:

The Freedom Car Show in Darien, New York is an annual event that celebrates classic cars, hot rods, and vintage vehicles from all over the region. The show attracts car enthusiasts of all ages who come to admire the impressive collection of automobiles on display. From restored muscle cars to unique customized vehicles, the Freedom Car Show has it all. Aside from showcasing cars, attendees can enjoy live music performances, food vendors and participate in raffles . But what makes this car show special is its dedication towards supporting Total Freedom Program NY. Helping those bound by drugs and alcohol and other destructive lifestyles. All proceeds raised during the event will go to Total Freedom NY. It is truly a great way to come together as a community to celebrate both the love for cars and help those in need !