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MotorTech Classic Car Network

Listing Type: Appraisal

Location: San Francisco CA
Phone: 925-678-1944


Originally established as an information exchange for automobile enthusiasts and collectors, MotorTech Classic Car Network soon evolved into a highly regarded resource for the inspection and evaluation of  rare and unusual motor vehicles for automobile hobbyists and professionals along with the insurance, legal, banking and entertainment industries.  With our focus on, and involvement with, the vintage car hobby, we will continue to enthusiastically lend our expertise to those with a passion for unusual vehicles with special significance.

Our emphasis continues to be on those unique and often complex modes of transportation that require more than just a blue book or a computer database to ascertain their condition or value.  Special machines that  transcend the meaning of simply motoring from point  "A" to point "B".  Call them what you will; classic, special interest, high performance, modified, exotic or just a treasured old heap.  From Audi to Zagato, from muscle car to Maserati, from hot rod to Harley, these have become our specialty. 

And although it was never our intent to assist with the settlement of insurance total loss claims, we've found that over the years a significant proportion of our business has come from this sector.  And we've gotten very good at it.  But if you're in the lending business, need assistance with an estate settlement or just someone who owns or dreams of owning one of the vehicles mentioned above, by all means, we can help. 


The MotorTech Classic Car Network was founded in 1970 in the San Francisco Bay Area by Mr. Robert Adams, a distinguished classic automobile dealer,  appraiser, and motoring enthusiast extraordinaire.  

Currently headed by Mr. Adams' son, the firm has evolved into the preeminent resource for both domestic and imported motor vehicle knowledge and valuation.  

Today, after performing more than 22,000 vehicle inspections and appraisals, MotorTech has become the irrefutable leader in providing comprehensive, timely and unbiased reports to classic automobile buyers and sellers, museums, corporations, government agencies, financial institutions, legal firms and non-profits.


 MotorTech is dedicated to providing the finest, most impartial valuations to help owners and potential buyers of exceptional motorcars and other specialty vehicles protect their cherished investments and to assist insurers and other organizations establish a fair and equitable value for all unique motor vehicles.